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Organising your work day for optimal productivity

Posted on Jul 27, 2018 by admin

The key to having a productive work day is starting off on the right foot. Creating healthy habits and planning ahead from the moment you wake up can help to guide you to success.

If you’re wondering where to begin, consider these five tips to get more out of your working day:

Say ‘no’
Do you struggle to say no? Chances are, you, like many others, find saying no incredibly hard, especially at work. You feel guilty and entitled, you justify to yourself why you must say yes. But in reality, knowing how to say no tactfully is the key to declining work that doesn’t align with your work priorities. If you wish to say no, explain why you chose not to complete X task and offer an alternative solution, if available.

Stick to a morning routine
A morning routine sets you up for a successful days work. Developing a specific ritual for your mornings can help you set your focus and intentions for the day while helping you adopt the right mindset to tackle the day. Many successful entrepreneurs have a non-negotiable morning routine that they swear by. Some of the most common activities include exercising in some form, meditating, journaling, making a healthy breakfast, avoiding technology such as phones and TV, and setting goals for the day.

Manage distractions
Distractions are abound in the modern office. Whether it is replying to emails, chatting to your coworker, client phone calls or scheduled meetings; it can be easy to get distracted and lose sight of your never-ending to-do list. Notice what distractions you can control and make a plan to deal with them appropriately. For example, you may alert your co-workers that you do not wish to be disturbed during a certain time and so on.

Look after your health
Taking care of your physical health will help to boost your productivity and creativity. If you sit in an office all day long, be sure to get up regularly from your desk to stretch and walk around, drink lots of water and utilise standing desks if they are available to you. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels through a nutritious diet will also benefit you as you can avoid the lows that come after that 3pm sugar fix.

Plan according to your energy
Everyone has a sweet spot in their day – one where they feel the most alert and productive. Allocate your difficult and more complex tasks to this time of the day to ensure you have maximum concentration and energy to complete the tasks.

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